Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

I want to set resolutions.  I do.

I think I'll do the Dave Ramsey approach and set small, realistic goals instead of the huge, long-term goal. I definitely need to consider the long-term goal in determining my goals that will be the stepping stones towards the long-term goal.

The ultimate goal being that we live a purely natural lifestyle using only natural, organic foods as close to their natural state as possible.  However, living in our society today is challenging and we need to continue to remind ourselves that it's OK if we don't do it perfect.  It's not an all or nothing thing.  Just because I "accidentally" eat a jar of Nutella doesn't mean I can't continue on my journey to eating healthy, whole foods.

It's good right now since our baby (10.5 months old) is eating food and we are very careful to make sure she eats only whole foods.  Our son (3.5 years old) is a good eater as well but for some reason I continue to bring hidden treats for myself in to the house.  (Or my husband does with his nightly treat of Ben and Jerry's!)

Being more physically active is a goal too.  I am not sure what goal to set though.  I have talked to my husband about doing an intense 5-minute Crossfit style workout every other day.  Obviously I'll fit in a complete workout when I can or try to go for a nice walk, but unfortunately our schedule is something we are not good at managing and my workout time is always put on the back burner.  So he will be coming up with 10 5-minute workouts for me to rotate through as I can.  FIVE minutes - I can do that right?

Here's to 2012...and knocking out the tiny goals in pursuit of the larger, ultimate goal!