Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Introduction to why

This is not your "must read" blog. It's simply a place for me to hold myself accountable and share different recipes, articles, etc. to friends and family who may be interested....or anyone else who may be addicted to blogs like I am!

Why I'm doing this blog:

- I need to get healthy.
I say this only because I don't want to say "I want to lose weight." Which is a goal of mine, but not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to be healthy, which in return, will allow me to lose this extra weight.

- I'm tired of eating junk.
My husband and I have begun reading labels....really reading labels. It's not easy when we've never done it before. But it's getting easier as each time we realize that we've been putting straight JUNK into our bodies with certain foods and realizing we're doing more harm than anything to ourselves.

- I'm tired of wasting money
Our society has this view that eating healthy is expensive. Well...we've been on a strict budget since April 2009 and actually love it (in our own nerd way). We've started comparison shopping and realizing what we pay per ounce, etc. Once we started realizing that the fresh, whole foods eaten in the correct servings and paired with other foods that help give you the energy, fiber, fat, etc., that you need, we see that we were paying waaay too much for food before because we'd need to eat more of the junk to keep our energy up.

- I want to set a good example to our son
Yes, I'm that mom. Our 18 month old son never had refined sugar until he was 1 year old. He has never had juice of any kind (other than that which comes from his fruit that he eats). He drinks water, raw whole milk and breast milk only. Yes, still breastfeeding him! We made his baby food...all of it. I think he may have had 2 jars of commercial baby food total. And that was because we were in a pinch. I want to instill in him good eating habits and allow him to get a taste for fresh, raw veggies and different textures, tastes, etc., before he becomes too opinionated! I'd rather him do this now rather than wait until he's in his 30's and realizing that maybe his diet isn't the best!
Now...we're not perfect. We give him the occasional "bad" or processed food. However, if we do that, I try very hard to be the one to make the cookies, bread, pie, etc. That way, I know everything that's going in. He does eat processed food - some cereals, graham crackers, fruit leather, etc. And occasionally he gets commercial milk (when our r aw milk runs out for the month)

- I want to be in better physical shape
You would think after running around after a child for almost a year that I would be in great shape. Especially since my son does not sit down...ever. Okay, maybe he sits for his meals, but that's only because he's strapped in his chair! Seriously, I have kept this weight on since having him. I actually lost down to my pre-pregnancy size almost immediately...within 2 weeks I'd say. BUT no one told me that things would be this different! I look back at pictures of myself when I was 3 months pregnant and look thinner than I do now!
Sure, it's vanity, but I also feel better and have more energy when I'm in shape. I was in better shape when I was pregnant and miserable.
My husband is a freak. He is lean, muscled, and does ridiculous workouts everyday - some of which include 150 pull-ups...really? He's into Crossfit, which I must say is definitely a great way to workout. It includes competition, which is a motivator for me and definitely for him. In fact, he's already competed in one competition and has signed up for two more. Such fun to watch. So now I'm embarrassed because he is in such great shape and I am most definitely not. I just did my first Crossfit workout yesterday in hopes of starting this healthier lifestyle...more on that later.
- Back to basics
We're learning more and more in our reading and just opening our eyes that much of our society does things the hard way, which wastes time and money and resources and our environment. We are slowly realizing that some of the ways we looked at things in the past don't really make sense. Most of it comes from our society in the past 30-40 years and how fast-paced we've let life become and expect it to be now. Much more on these many topics later.

Well....this is much longer than I intended this intro to be. So I'll stop for now....besides it's almost lunch time for my little guy and two nieces. Not sure what we're having yet. Perhaps some leftover Mustard-Agave chicken with broccoli and onions....

Oh, I'm Dusti. 30+ years old. Husband, Wes, of 3 years. Son is 18 months old and the cutest thing ever. My paying job is a realtor - although I typically just wait for referrals now. My primary focus is on our son. My husband is a firefighter and has the best shifts possible! He works 24 hours on and 48 off. He gets so much time at home and we love it!

Okay, now I'm really done.


  1. Good for you! I'll be cheering for you - I'm trying (and succeeding better on some days than others) to do a lot of the same things. I can point you towards some good books & blogs on "real food" if you like. (As I sit here drinking Coke while I type this...I can be quite the hypocrite!)

  2. Thanks! I need all the cheering I can get! ANY books, blogs, other literature you can throw my way would be appreciated!

    And, I totally get you on the Coke thing...I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee today. Yikes!