Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I suck at farming...

So I'm not technically a farmer.  And I really don't even have a garden.  But I do have a few veggie plants! Not that it freaking matters because my tomatoes have rot!  I'm sure there is a technical word for it, but I don't even care at this point.  I am sooo mad.  AND I only have myself to blame.   I knew when I planted my lone tomato plant this year in the SAME bucket with the SAME soil as last year (I added a bit of new soil and mixed) that I was taking a chance, but I was in a hurry and just did it.

At first the plant looked awesome.  It grew tall and strong and before long there were tons of blooms.  Then the blooms started falling off.  So I kind of wrote it off as a good plant, but then I started seeing tomatoes!  I went out this afternoon to water things and this is what I saw:

SERIOUSLY?   And it's not just that one.  See the little one to the left of it?  Don't worry, it'll get the black funk too.  ALL of the bigger tomatoes have it.  This ticks me off.  I can't imagine how farmers feel when they have issues in an entire crop.  This is my one little measly plant and I am super disappointed.

So after that I decided I needed something to make me happy.  I looked around and saw my dill.  I love dill.  It's one of those herbs that I can eat on pretty much anything!  It's supposedly time to snip the flowers off if I want it to continue producing the herb, but look how pretty they are!  I'm not sure I can do that.  Perhaps I'll let it grow a little longer and try to harvest the seeds for next time!


I enjoy gardening, but the past two summers have not been good for us.  Last summer, although our garden looked great, I found out in June I was pregnant and was then sick for 16 weeks and couldn't bear the thought of eating, much less working outside in the heat tending to my veggies!   And this year I didn't prepare very well since I was having a baby around the time I should have been starting my seeds indoors!  

I still have cucumbers to come and bell peppers.  I planted peas and green beans and although they are producing right now, I just didn't plant enough for it to be worth it  you know?  I need to figure out what is best to plant in a small garden for high yield.  If a bell pepper produces enough, that will surely be worth it because I can freeze those.  Have you seen the price for any bell pepper other than the green ones?  Crazy high!  So that would definitely be one to grow.  

Well...I guess it's just one plant that has the funk.  At least I don't have 100 tomato plants that have it.

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