Thursday, May 20, 2010

My beautiful little urban garden....

This is just a post of pictures of my garden that I love!  It's tiny, it's perfect.  Next year will be even better!  I'll have my seeds well ahead of time and start them inside early and plant, plant, plant until I run out of room to plant things!  Hopefully I'll learn a thing or two this year about gardening that I can build on for next year.

My little raised bed using free bricks, the chain link fence as a trellis for the peas was free as well!

Below are peas growing in the same bucket as a sunflower.  The sunflower provides support as a trellis for the growing vines of the peas!

STRAWBERRIES!!!  However, this is an early picture taken a couple days ago.  Since then, my son has bitten the ends of two of them off and I'm guessing birds got another two?

My cucumbers!  This is supposed to be for a small garden, but it's apparently very happy and wants to take over the world...

3 buckets of strawberries!  They were given to us, so I'm hoping they produce a little more on them this year.

Eggplant!  Very exciting!  

 Red bell peppers

Go peas, go!

I think these are radishes...


I'm not quite sure what this is.  It's not happy though.  I'm thinking it may be red cabbage?


Again, I'm not sure what this is.  Cauliflower perhaps?

No problem growing mint!

 My dill looks sick!

Parsley isn't that happy either...

Poor, poor basil.  I know nothing about how to grow this stuff.

Sooo excited about my gutter system that is growing my lettuce!

Yellow squash

This is a corner of the yard with banana trees.  I've planted peas there to grow up the banana tree stalks.

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