Saturday, October 23, 2010

I have a good excuse....

Well, at least it was a good excuse for about 8-10 weeks.  Then I was just lazy to get back to the blog!

We found out in the middle of June that we are expecting baby #2.  Due to arrive at the very end of February!  It was not long before the sickness kicked in high gear.  Seriously it was so very awful.  We had to ask my mother in law to fly down to help (ok, to completely take care of our son) while I just moaned and groaned on the couch/bed feeling like death.  As soon as she got here, my husband got a stomach bug. It was the sickest I've seen him ever.  Then I got it.  Then our son got it.  Both my husband and I got dehydrated and had to have IV fluids.  Ugh.  Thank goodness MIL was here to save the month!

So, then I started feeling better.  But I went to Italy with some girlfriends!  For 12 days!  It was absolutely freaking fabulous.  We just visited the Tuscany area with one night in Cinque Terre on the Mediterranean Sea and then an overnight layover in Paris.   There really are no words to describe how great it was.  And the pictures hardly do it justice.

I come home feeling great.  I felt the best on my trip than I have this entire pregnancy.  I was excited to come home and be active with my family for the first time in months.  The morning after I got home, I woke up with a sore throat.  Stupid cold found me on the plane ride back.  So almost a week of congested head/nose and sinus issues kept me down again.  Seriously?  Give me a break!  Then our son got a touch of it.  Thankfully it was just a cold, but still enough to keep us down for a total of two weeks.  Blah.

BUT, I'm feeling much, much better now and decided that since I was, it was a great time to start exercising to prepare for labor. Squats.  Lots of them.  Crossfit loves squats.  I took my final class that I started right when I got pregnant and now I am officially able to do the group exercises.  Well....when I'm able to actually lift my leg without the assistance of grabbing onto my pants leg to do so!

I do plan to get back to this blog.  Obviously we're getting back to natural basics again with planning for this labor and delivery.  Looking back at our last birth and what we loved and what we want to try to plan to change if possible.  So there may be a lot of birth stuff for a while since I'll be preparing and have already been researching several topics that I'd like to write about.

Eating.  Well, the fact that I *can* eat is wonderful right now!  Seriously at the beginning of the pregnancy I lost weight because I could not even get water down.  Stupid acid reflux.   The pain was so bad, I swore that it was a gall bladder attack and since I had mine out a year ago, I knew it wasn't possible.  So, once I was able to eat, I ate whatever sounded good at the time.  And since I didn't cook for over two months for my family (seriously couldn't even stand the smell of the oven/stove turning on), my family has slacked too on eating healthy, whole, natural foods.  We're getting back to it though and have to get rid of some bad habits that were easy to pick up again.

So bear with me.  I'll probably jump around very randomly with my topics.  :)

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