Thursday, May 26, 2011


I was at a restaurant with friends last night and was sooo afraid I was going to cave....especially with the bread basket.  I'm not really craving grains but I LOVE bread and that is always a highlight of dining out for me!  But I didn't and even with the gigantic, wonderful brownie dessert came at the end of the meal, I was able to resist!

I am hoping this 30 days of no sugar will really help me change my taste for sugar.  I hope that when I do eat some kind of dessert with sugar again that it'll be super sweet and just a little will satisfy my sweet tooth.  Eating an entire pan of brownies in a day is just too much, you know?  I want to be happy eating just one.

So I am on the hunt for desserts that are sugar and grain free without tasting like cardboard.  Ha, yeah right.  But I am sure I can find one and I've got several recipes to try.  "Everyday Paleo" has a couple that I am super interested in.  The pumpkin pie is something I'll definitely try (especially since I have 6 cans of pumpkin in my pantry) and even her sweet potato recipe from Thanksgiving looks like it would be a treat in itself!

My husband caved last night!  :)  He was slightly freaking out and wanted to get something sweet.  We went to Walgreens and read tons of labels.  I am still shocked at what I see in "healthy" snacks on the shelves.  He ended up getting a pint of ice cream to share with my mom.  It was the only thing that had real ingredients.  He also got some peanut butter...which is a no-no on the Paleo diet.  But honestly, in my opinion, I think that's not too bad of a special treat.  I am really hoping I can make it the full 30 days without caving.  I'm just thinking how great that my special treat will be if I can wait that long!

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