Friday, October 14, 2011

One of my problems with the Paleo diet made right.

I have a few issues with the Paleo diet/lifestyle.  A lot of it makes sense to me (whole foods in the form of lean meat, fresh veggies/fruit, nuts, etc.) but there are parts that don't make any sense whatsoever in our modern age.

One of my issues was that I was understanding the Paleo diet in the sense that you must eat a lean protein source at each meal plus plenty of leafy veggies and some source of quality fat.  Ok, fine. Great.  However, that is not Paleo....not in my definition.  You mean to tell me that a caveman kills an animal and he is thinking, "Oh, let me go find a plateful of leafy things to accompany this meat at every meal."  Heck no!  He's going to eat that animal from top to bottom until it's gone.  Then, there may be a week where he doesn't have any protein from an animal source.

So that was really throwing me for a loop.  I just did not understand how it was Paleo if your meals were perfectly proportioned.

Last night, my husband and I were discussing something about eating and I brought up my issue with the Paleo diet thinking.  He said something that made me understand SO much about it.  He said that the Paleo diet isn't about the proper proportion of protein, carbs, fats.  It's about the TYPE of food.  Duh.  Of course, that's it.  I get that.  That makes perfect sense.  I was just over I tend to do!

I guess what I was doing was combining the Zone diet with the Paleo diet.  Since we're doing this challenge through Crossfit, they obviously want the portions to be ideal if possible for maximum results in performance (both in the gym and in everyday life).  Since we are in the modern age, we can obviously do that because we don't have to kill an animal and eat it until it's gone immediately.

So I am now more ok with the Paleo diet.  I think after this challenge we'll probably be an 80/20 Paleo eating family.  Not that the 20% will be junk foods, but probably more along the lines of dairy, white potatoes, corn, beans, etc.  As long as things are as close to the natural source as possible, I am ok with that.

So although I am not a 100% on board with the Paleo diet lifestyle, I definitely think it's the best guideline out there for the health of our bodies/lives.

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