Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Only 4 days in

This Paleo challenge is kicking my butt.  Seriously.

I am hungry all the time.  I eat additional snacks and eat more protein than a typical serving since I am still breastfeeding our daughter, but I feel like it's not enough.  I am going to make guacamole tomorrow to eat for breakfast in hopes that it'll help add some calories in.  It's a little tough since I have been dealing with a low supply for a few months now, so I hope this doesn't hurt it.

It doesn't help that we are up every night multiple times a night with our kids.  We simply don't get the sleep our bodies need.  We get plenty sleep time, it's just that it's interrupted.  I'm thinking if I were able to have more sleep, then it wouldn't be *as* hard.

I have been scouring the Internet for Paleo dessert recipes.  The fact that we can't even use honey is really hard. I'm not even sure why on this challenge we can't.  I did find tons of great dessert recipes that I've pinned for future use.

We have had some pretty good meals from the Paleo Plan.  Tonight we are having chicken in a mushroom sauce.  We'll also cook up veggies to go with it.   Tomorrow is some kind of roast.  I'm pretty excited about that!!!

The coconut milk in my coffee isn't great.  I wish it were, but it's just not.  We've let it thicken in the fridge overnight to see if it would help, but it didn't.  So I'm not drinking nearly the caffeine I was (which is great) but it's really affecting me.  I really hope I can make it at least the first week without a slip up.

Blah.  Day four.  Almost behind me.

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