Monday, February 8, 2010

Challenge check-in

Today is our official check-in for the Real Food Challenge!

I've done ok. Definitely can improve. As I posted, my husband and I are living with my mom and step-dad and can't really clear out our pantry like we'd like. So that's a big challenge in itself! I've done really well with it though considering.

One thing I haven't given up is my agave sweetener. I have gotten some suggestions though to replace and as soon as I can get to the health food store (an hour away) I will replace it. Also, we are moving home in 2 months and can definitely have our pantry cleaned out!

As far as beginning my starter for the sourdough bread....I cannot even find the mason jars!!!! Again, I've gotten some leads on where to find those, so I'll be starting that this week.

Confession - over the weekend my husband, son and I went to the Atlanta area for a CrossFit competition for my husband. It was challenging to eat well, but the thing that saved us was that we stayed in a house with a kitchen. That was huge. We went shopping Friday evening and ate well all weekend. The confession part is the huge cinnamon roll that I snatched from IKEA and some peanut M&M's. I'm paying for it. My guts are not all.

I'm so happy this challenge is going and I can't wait to finish it and improve over the next 3 weeks!


  1. If I were in IKEA, I wouldn't be able to resist their cinnamon roll, either. You're sticking to the challenge waaaay better than I am. Coldstone Creamery called my name tonight, and I answered!

  2. Cinnamon roll. Why didn't I think of that? I gave in to Doritos for the Super Bowl and Good Lord did I come to regret it. A cinnamon roll would have been quite nice.